Why You’re No Longer Getting The Same Kick From Your Functional Coffee

By Wanita Nicol

Modern life has become more demanding than ever before. Working days are longer, to-do lists have more on them and the always-on culture means you never have time to rest. The result? You’re permanently washed out and chugging coffee just to get through each day. Swapping regular coffee for functional coffee is a way to get a better, more sustained energy boost from your cuppa, but if you’ve noticed that, two or three months down the line, you’re no longer enjoying the same benefits, it could be down to your choice of functional coffee brand.

How Functional Coffee Boosts Your Energy

Functional coffee gives you an extra energy kick because it contains unadulterated mushroom from the reishi mushroom a.k.a. Ganoderma lucidum. The reishi mushroom is native to Asia, where it grows at the base of deciduous trees. Only a few trees will develop reishi mushroom growth, so its occurrence in nature is extremely rare and these days reishi mushrooms are mostly cultivated. Reishi mushroom has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years to treat numerous conditions, including certain cancers. More recent scientific studies have started to confirm some of the ancient Eastern beliefs around its health benefits – including the discovery that it helps boost concentration and brain function. It’s this factor that makes unadulterated reishi mushroom such an important ingredient in functional coffee.

Why Your Functional Coffee Buzz Doesn’t Last

With reishi mushroom having so many health benefits, yet being so rare, it’s no surprise that many functional coffee brands use synthetic reishi mushroom extract to recreate the positive effects of reishi mushroom. This synthetic mushroom extract works for a while – you’ll experience more clarity and focus, as you would with natural mushroom extract – but after a month or two your body will get used to the coffee and it will no longer have that same effect. What’s more, you may notice that the coffee has an unpleasant mushroom aftertaste that you have to learn to put up with.

Natural unadulterated Reishi Mushroom Is Better  

When you choose functional coffee that contains 100% natural, unadulterated reishi mushroom, the benefits you feel will be lasting. You’ll have consistent focus and energy, without the crash and jitters you get after drinking a cup of regular coffee. And unlike the synthetic mushroom extract, which only gives you a boost in the short term, you’ll find that natural, unadulterated reishi mushroom allows you to enjoy sustained benefits. What’s more, you won’t experience that unpleasant mushroom aftertaste. So you can enjoy all the benefits of reishi mushroom in a cup of coffee that just tastes like coffee. Look for a functional coffee with just two ingredients: premium coffee and 100% natural, unadulterated reishi mushroom and get your buzz back.